About Indian Dialysis Olympiad

About Indian Dialysis Olympiad

We firmly believe that every person on dialysis can - and should lead a normal life. By a normal life, we mean to be able to work, exercise, travel and have fun. To prove to the world that this really is true, we are organising the Dialysis Olympiad - an Olympics style event exclusively for those on dialysis. 

The first edition of the event was held in February 2015 in Hyderabad. The second edition is being organised in Delhi. People on dialysis from all over the country are expected to participate in this unique event in sports such as Running, Cycling, Badminton, Table Tennis and more!

This event will prove to all that people on dialysis can lead normal lives. At this event, patients will interact with others like them while competing for the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in each event. There will also be a fun-filled entertainment event following the sporting activities called ‘Aashayein - Let’s Celebrate Life’ which will have various musical programs designed to entertain all the participants. 

Our Vision

To provide a platform for people on dialysis across the world to participate in sporting events and prove to themselves and to others that they can lead normal lives

Our Mission

To encourage people on dialysis to participate in sporting events as part of a larger effort to enable them to be productive citizens of the society